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This has a lot to do with the current state of your existing website, however, SEO is a long-term strategy that generally takes about 3 months to start generating results. As the months and years go on your results will continue to get better and the organic traffic coming to your site will continue to increase.
Which is better PPC Ads or SEO? First and foremost, one is not better than the other they work best when both strategies are complimenting each other. You never want to send paid traffic to a website that does not provide useful information. The best strategy to have is an advanced SEO program to build strong online visibility. Next, you will want to create compelling content that will optimize your website. Once you have established an online presence, PPC is an effective tool that will help you boost your results in search engines.
It is important to continuously work on your online presence. Keeping your website up to date, regular PPC performance tracking, SEO keyword analyzing, and keeping current with social media marketing are several ways that can boost your rankings.

Just having a beautiful website is not enough to convert customers and drive traffic to that site. To start generating traffic to your website you will have to figure out where it is your website is lacking. Majority of the time, the SEO strategies currently being used need to be assessed.

Are your keywords being analyzed routinely? Are your keywords being optimized properly throughout your content? Do you have quality link building? Do you have any Google Pay Per Click marketing in place? Have you built on an online presence in social media? What type of landing pages do your visitors end-on?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself if you are not receiving any clients.

Digital marketing, when done correctly, can be very effective but when done poorly and without expert advice, this will not generate the results you want and will end up costing you money. Before jumping into digital marketing, you should make sure the marketing strategy you are using is right for your law firm, and that the rest of your online presence is built out enough to convert the leads you will generate.
Social media marketing plays an important role in generating traffic to your website and reaching potential clients. People are spending more time on social media so having an effective marketing strategy for your law firm will help create a strong online presence. You can use social media to provide informative content, answer any questions, share valuable news, and more. It’s a great way for you to interact with the community and build connections and relationships.
Yes! Research shows that over two-thirds of people will begin looking for a lawyer online. This is why your website must be as informative as possible. People want to know how you can help them before they ever even reach out. Having a fully functional, client-friendly, and optimized website will increase the potential number of potential clients reaching out to your firm.
Writing blogs for your law firm is a great way to naturally grow your SEO efforts. Websites generate a lot of their leads from blog posts because blogs help law firms show up for a multitude of keywords. Writing blog posts rely heavily on having effective keywords and SEO strategies to increase your search engine ranking. Actively blogging improves a law firm’s visibility online which will lead to more potential clients becoming familiar with your law firm.
Video marketing is the best way to engage with potential clients and provide them with valuable information. Creating videos that focus on answering the questions people have searched will build trust and engagement with potential clients making it more likely they will call you. It also increases the time someone is on your website, generating more organic traffic. People use videos to learn and will more likely watch an educational video than read an article. Publishing videos to the various social platforms will increase your online presence, essentially helping you rank higher in Google.
When you lack the experience, knowledge, and time to deal with marketing efforts it can be very challenging. We strongly recommended partnering with a marketing team because online marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase exposure. An online marketing team will focus on marketing your law firm while you focus on your clients.

When hiring a professional web designer for your law firm, there a few questions you should consider to ensure you get what you want.

  • How long will it take?
  • Will I be able to update the website with my own content?
  • If I need help in the future with updates or if something breaks on the site, will you be available? 
  • What steps do you take to optimize my site on search engines?
  • Will my website be compatible with mobile and tablet browsing?

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